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    Jim looked around the streets for you, having gotten back to your house and not finding you there, he called Sebastian in to come and help him but that was no use, as to the fact they the people that took you didn't leave anything being showing that you were taken, even though you were taking off the streets, which didn't cross Jim's mind till after he started thinking, his brain having just been on 'they took her why the fuck did they take her.' He wasnt really thinking at all at the moment, it was basically purely madness and wanting to claim revenge on who ever took his precious (Y/N), he wanted to skin some one so bad at the moment that it wasn't even funny, he had the look of murder in his eyes. Nothing, and he means nothing is gonna prevent him from getting you back into his arms where he can protect you.
  Seb looks at Jim. "checked outside yet boss? Or just inside the house?" He says heading to the door gun in his hands, before placing it back in his holster after making sure that the place has no one nesting in it, ready to come out the second he leaves the flat and going to attack Jim, which lucky no one is in the flat, more so for them, other wise they would of been shot and not be getting up for a long time, cause with knowing this sniper, they would of gotten a bullet into the heart, or head, or if they're lucky both. 
    Jim looks at Seb. "Good plan, She was probably going to meet John, she always goes and sees him on Wednesday. Always, so she may be out shopping, but she should of answered my phone call after I called her. Sebastian we have to find her and murder the man that took her, got it!" Jim growls, heading to the door with the same look on his face from before, the two of them going to the streets to start there search for you, Seb hopping that they find you soon, before Jim decides to go all psychopath on his ass.. 
Shattered promises 7 (Reader X Jim Moriarty)
Jim's getting a little mad.... Lets hope he finds you before he lets loose on Seb... I feel sorry for seb, but Jim's in that mode of get  you back and no one gets in my way other wise they will be perished!
Hand art by ChichiriSakura
Hand art
Just some random, vines and flowers on my hand
    You wake up in a dark room, hands tied behind your back, your legs tied to the chair that you are sitting in, a gash on your leg as well as a bruise forming on the side of your face, it not being the first time that you have woken up in the room, its about a week later after the day that you were taken on the corner of the street, you've been tied up in the same chair for the past couple of days not knowing when they are going to release you or when they are just going to shoot you, you've lost a few pounds it showing on your face, the color drained, and tear stains on your cheeks, from the nights you cried yourself to sleep, the only thought playing in your head is that he lied to you. He promised to protect you and then he wasnt there to protect you, like he said that he was going to do because of this man being out there and the fact that him and Sherlock were actually going to work together to get this man alive, then like Jim says he was going to skiiiiiiin him alive. But all you could think about now was 'Where are you Jim. Where are you?' 
Shattered promises 6 (Reader X Jim Moriarty)
Well heres chapter six, and if any ideas on where to go next, please leave Idea's in the comments thank you!
So me and one of my friends have an otter and an hedgehog and have named them Sherlock the otter and John the hedgehog, and I was wondering if anyone would like to check out the page that we have created for John the hedgehog, and if so I am going to be posting a link along with this, hope you guys like the page.…

This is the link to the page. Hope you enjoy!
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I like to drawing, and writing.

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