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After a couple of weeks you had healed up nicely and were able to get into the feel of things again, you were still jumpy from time to time but you were getting better at this. 
Jim had become use to it every so often when you would just hide away in the room and not move from said place until you felt as if you were safe, he also learned that he couldn't really speed up the process of you becoming more reliant on him like you use to be, he learned that if he just let you do what you needed to do it would become better, but it irritated him so much and he never let it show. 
You had just gotten out of your shower, tied your hair back into a messy bun, and put on a (F/c) shirt, with a pair of blue jeans and your black socks with your (2F/C) shoes, before you walked out of the bedroom and into the living room where you found Jim sitting on the couch and you though about it and decided to talk to him about what happened for the first time in about two weeks. 
Jim looks up from the book that he is reading and gives you a light smile and closes it, before he sets it on the arm of the couch and pats the seat next to him for you to sit down on it. 
You give a light smile back to him before you sit down next to him and rest your head on his shoulder, which honestly surprises him because this is something that you haven't done in a while and it makes him nervous but honestly happy because it shows that you are warming back up to him again, even though he holds you at night and doesn't want to let you go.
"I thought I should tell you what happened while he had me" You mumble and grab his hand and hold onto it. 
Jim looks at you, pulling away, "If you don't want to talk about it we don't have to talk about it, I promise, just take your time." He says and holds onto your hand, even though he moved so your head wasn't on his shoulder anymore. 
"I honestly want to tell you because I do feel ready to tell you about what happened." You say, before you start into what had gone down. "I had just gotten done talking with John, well having lunch with him, before we went our separate ways, I watched as he walked back to work and next thing I know I was tied up where you found me. The next couple of days it was being tortured and asked questions about you, I never broke one bit because I knew I had to keep them quiet, so I didn't break." You say and pause a minute so he can process what you have just informed him. "I never drank or ate what they gave me because I didn't know if it was poisoned or not so it stayed away from me, I was beaten, and abused to get the information, but I kept them all secret, I kept the promise that I made to you, even though you never kept yours." You say to him and stand up. "I cried for you and begged you to come and help me like you said you would, like you promised that you would always be there for me and this time you weren't there, and I almost spilled the beans about everything they asked about. But I honestly didn't want to shatter the promises like you shattered the ones you made to me." You say before grabbing your keys and walking out of the door, leaving Moriarty in shock and hurt because he realized you blamed it all on him.
Shattered Promises 10 (Reader X Jim Moriarty)
Well here is the next chapter in Shattered Promises, sorry that it took so long to update, my computer broke and have been working on school work, so my apologizes! But enjoy I hope you all like it! Post some ideas of where you all would like this story to go next!
                                                                        ~~~Sherlock's Flat~~~

    Sherlock watches the two of them as they get out the information that they have gathered. "So what is the last place that you knew she was at?" He asks Jim who is still taking out papers. 
    "She was with John, that is the last place I knew she was at." Jim says to Sherlock as he looks up at him. "Does John know anything about where she is?" Jim says standing up from where he is sitting. "I need to know Sherlock." 
    Sherlock shakes his head no. "Last thing that John knew is that she was coming home. He had lunch with her and then she left, so honestly he has no clue where she is."
    Sebastian blinks and just nods before getting out the rest of the papers that they have brought with them, it being a short stack of them. "Well them we really need to find her, she has been gone to long, and has had too many promises broken." 
    Jim and Sherlock both nod to this fact, Sherlock having been a dear friend of yours for a very long time. "Well then we will ask around my homeless network." Sherlock says having gotten dressed in the time that they have been working on finding you. He starts to the door and looks at Jim and Seb. "Come on you two we got a girl to find." He says grabbing his coat and scarf. 
    Jim and Sebastian follow after Sherlock, who leads them out to the road, and down the street. 

                                                                             ~~~ Back to you~~~

    You look up from where you are though your bloody bangs, and see that no one is in the room. You try to wiggle out of the restraints that you are in and manage to get your hands free, (good thing that Jim taught you how to get out of a situation when you have lost so much weight that you can actually move.) Once you get free of the rope on your wrists, you move and untie your ankles, before stumbling forward, not having really any balance, before making it over by the wall and hiding behind the table that is in the room. Not wanting the man to see where you are, before silently praying that they get to you soon, and make it quick knowing that you wont last very long.

                                                                        ~~~ On the street with Sherlock~~~

    Sherlock heads up to one of the people that he works with in the homeless network, and brings out a sandwich from his coat pocket that he bought at a gas station just around the corner. "I need info." He says wiggling the sandwich in the guys face. 
    The man looks at him. "What can i help you with?" He says looking at Sherlock, but more so at the sandwich that is being dangled in front of his face. 
    "We need information on this girl." He says motioning for Jim to pull out a picture of you, which he does and shows it to the man. "Can you help us find out about where she is?" Sherlock says. "You get the sandwich if you tell us anything that you know." 
    "I know where she is at, I saw who took her, I was off to the side trying to get some one to give me a meal for free. I needed food bad that day sir. I hadn't eaten for a couple of days, and then someone offered me food. So I took it, but for a price, I had to get no one in the area of where the girl was." The guy starts out with. "I got people out of the area, and then followed the man with the girl after he drugged her, and then I got the sandwich, but I will never forget the place that he took her too." He says and before Sherlock and Sebastian can stop him, Jim has the man up against the wall, by his throat. 
    "I need you to take me to where she is now!" Jim shouts at the man, who just nods. "Good now lead the way, and I wont kill you." He drops the man and moves out of his way so that he will lead the way in which he does. 
    Sherlock and Sebastian just follow, not caring about the man at the moment, knowing how much Jim cares for you and not wanting him to actually kill the fellow because he didn't deserve to die just yet, after they got you back then maybe, but right now he was of value. 
    When they got to the warehouse that you are at, Jim shoots the man, not even thinking twice about it. "Lets go get her back." Jim says breaking down the door and running through the building, Sherlock and Sebastian following in suit, taking down the people that Jim misses. 
    When they get to the room that you are in Jim slows down and listens for movement inside of the room, hearing the man inside of there looking around for you trying to find you. 
    "WHERE ARE YOU?!" The man shouts looking for you inside, Jim hearing this and he busts down the door and tackles the man. 
    "You leave her alone!" Jim shouts at him and punches him in the face, before beating the crap out of this man. "You hurt her, and now it is time for you to get the pain back and it will be worse than what you did to her." Jim growls, and shoots him in the knee caps and then knocks him out. "Seb call for a car and get him in the trunk, I'll take care of him when he is back and chained up." Jim says a sadistic smirk on his face. 
    Sebastian nods and starts to call up for a car to come, before dragging his body out of the room. 
    Sherlock smiles and nods. "I'm glad I could be of help, hope we can continue our little game, and she is hiding behind the book case, I heard movement come from over there, so she is over there Jim. Take good care of my friend." Sherlock says before helping Sebastian with the man's body. 
    Jim runs over to where Sherlock says that you are and looks for you. "(Y/n)? Are you back there?" He says, and he hears you whimper and moves the book case and other things that are there before falling to his knees and looking at you. "I'm so sorry love." He says in a small voice, before falling backwards due to you flinging yourself at him. 
    "Never!! Do that to me again and find me quicker the next time please, and stop breaking promises." You whisper as you hold onto him, not willing to let go of Jim. "I wanna go home please." You whisper
    Jim nods to you and picks you up and brushes your hair back with his hand before kissing your forehead. "I'm sorry love, I will try not to break promises, and will not make promises if I can't keep them." He mutters and holds onto you, while he carries you out to the car that has finally pulled up. "Lets go home." He says before getting you into the car, and following in before pulling you back onto his lap holding you close, not ever wanting to let go of you again.
    You have been in this room for about six weeks now, you have blood in your hair, it not even resembling the original color, you have a black and blue mark on your right eye, lower legs, a couple over your ribs, and a gash on your upper right shoulder. You cough a bit to signify that you are still alive, as the door to the room opens up and the man walks into the room. "Well well." He says as he walks over and touches your shoulder, you flinch a bit and hiss at him. "Oh darling don't be scared of me, it's alright I promise you that." He says as he moves your hair out of your face, you keep your eyes shut and go to face the other direction.
    The man growls at you a bit and pulls your hair so that you look at him. "Do not disrespect me!" He shouts at you. "You want to be punished again!" He says spitting on you. 
    "Oh get away from me." You wheeze out, your voice scratchy from not being able to drink anything for a while. "Just leave me be." You growl at him pulling on your restraints. 
    "Oh I will, I'll let you rot." He growls. 
    "Fine it would be better then being in here." 
                                        ~~~~~~~ (What are Jim and Seb doing? Lets see..)~~~~~~~

    Jim looks around the building that they are outside of, not understanding why Sebastian brought him here. "Is this where she is at?" He says looking at Seb, who shakes his head no. "Then why are we here." 
    "Because boss, he might be able to help you out, even though you two don't get along he may be able to help you get back your girl." Seb says knocking on the door. 
    Jim looks at the door that Seb just knocked on. "Oh no, we are not at his place!!" He shouts at Sebastian, who just shakes his head yes as the door opens to show Mrs. Hudson. 
    She smiles at the two of them. "What can I help you boys with?" 
    "Is Sherlock home?" Sebastian asks her. 
    "Yes he is dear, do you want me to show you up to his place?" She says with a smile on her face, which seems to always be there when she answers the door. 
    Sebastian nods to her as he pulls Jim into the flat with him. "Please and thank you ma'am." He says smiling at her with a genuine smile. 
    "Alright dearie right this way." She says ushering him into the flat, up the stairs and into the flat that Sherlock lives in. "Sherlock! You have visitors!" She says before heading back out of the flat and down the stairs. 
    Sebastian pulls Jim into the living room and has him sit down, before Sherlock emerges from the bedroom and looks at the two of them. 
    "Why are you two in my flat and what is wrong?" He says wrapped in his robe. 
    "Jim's girlfriend is missing and we need help finding her." Sebastian says, as Jim stays quiet sitting right in the middle of the couch, so no one can sit next to him or any where near him. 
    "Oh.. And when was the last time he saw her?" Sherlock asks as he walks to the kitchen. 
    "Six weeks ago.." Jim says. 
    "Oh.... I can see why you came to me. But you got to agree to work with me James Moriarty, and we do this my way or you have to find another detective, and no detective is better than I am. I'm the best." Sherlock says as he looks at Jim. 
    "Fine fine." Jim says not liking this idea. 
    "Then I guess I'm helping you to find your girlfriend." Sherlock says sipping his tea while sitting across from them, silence falling over the room.
Shattered Promises 8 (Reader X Jim Moriarty)
Finally here for everyone who has been reading the story! Sorry it took so long! 
So me and one of my friends have an otter and an hedgehog and have named them Sherlock the otter and John the hedgehog, and I was wondering if anyone would like to check out the page that we have created for John the hedgehog, and if so I am going to be posting a link along with this, hope you guys like the page.…

This is the link to the page. Hope you enjoy!
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